My Favorite Place



I’ve been to a few European countries although, by far, the liveliest and most diverse one I’ve been to is Italy. Each city has its own vibes. Milan is cold, dull and gloomy in comparison to Roma which is filled with life, while Venice is calmer.

Roma is the oldest city in Italy, dating back to 753 BC. During the spring, it is generally warmer than the other cities however, the heat is bearable. Walking through the ancient streets made me feel incredible. I can’t describe exactly what I felt but it was truly amazing. Wherever I went, there were remains that dated back thousands of years. It was amazing seeing the remains live this long in a relatively good condition.

Milan on the other hand is colder during the spring. The main area in Milan is the Piazza del Duomo, which literally translates to Cathedral Square; it’s the heart of Milan. Its always crowded and filled with people, tourists mainly, from all around the world. The city is just as lively as Rome, except Milan feels more ‘homey’, in a sense that it seems smaller and tighter than Rome.

Venice made me sad. It made me feel this way because of how neglected it is. It’s filled with tourists and there barely is any locals. According to Roberto, the guy in charge of our gondola ride, Venice is sinking and all the locals are leaving because there really isn’t much for them here. Its sad to see a beautiful historic city go to waste.

But overall, the trip to Italy was an unforgettable one because it allowed me to learn so much in such a short period of time.